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Frequently Asked Questions: policies, rates, weather, ages, etc…

Does the boat run rain or shine?
YES!!! Pedal Cruise operates in rainy weather too. The vessel is covered by a canopy protecting passengers from above. We only operate under weather and water conditions that allow a safe and enjoyable boating experience, to be determined by one of our Captains. Please see our cancellation policy below.
How much does it cost?

What’s your cancellation policy?
Pedal Cruise reserves the right to cancel at any time, delay or cut short any tours as needed due to weather, mechanical issues or other possible events. Public tours must have a minimum of 10 total tickets purchased or it will be rescheduled.

In the event of weather delays or cancellation, we will do our best to give you notification as far in advance as possible but most weather calls are made the day of the tour and sometimes just before scheduled start times. Cruises that are canceled will be offered resolution options as determined by the type of ticket purchased. Refunds will not be offered for any cancellation regardless of reason or cause, unless the Refundable Ticket (public cruises) or Upgrade (private cruises) was purchased. Tours canceled due to weather after 60 minutes into the ride will be considered a full tour; between 30-45 minutes will be given a store credit valued at half their purchase; 30 minutes or less will be given a store credit valued at their full purchase.

What is your Refund Policy?
Base Fare Tickets are not eligible for refunds under any circumstance. Pedal Cruise offers a Refundable Ticket option for public cruises or a Refundable Upgrade for private cruises, allowing you flexibility should your plans change or if the cruise needs to be canceled by Pedal Cruise. Refundable options will allow you to reschedule or receive a refund in the event Pedal Cruise cancels the cruise due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical issues or other possible events.

With a Refundable Ticket or Upgrade, you may also voluntarily cancel your cruise for any reason up to 7 days prior to your cruise for a refund. You may also reschedule with notification at least 72 hours before your scheduled cruise date. No requests for refunds will be honored for cancellations within 7 days of the cruise. Similar to trip insurance, the Refundable Ticket/Upgrade amount (equaling about 10% of the cost of the Base Fare) is non-refundable and is not returned.

What is the difference between ticket types?
BASE FARE TICKETS: Base Fare Tickets have a strict cancellation policy. NO REFUNDS will be offered under any circumstance. You can reschedule or convert to store credit up to 7 days before the event. Within 7 days of the event, this ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable. If Pedal Cruise cancels the event at any time, this ticket can be rescheduled or converted to store credit. Any gratuity added to the booking will be refunded and will not be included in the store credit.

REFUNDABLE TICKET/UPGRADE: Refundable Tickets purchased for public cruises and private cruises which purchased with the Refundable Upgrade have a generous cancellation policy offering rescheduling, store credit or refund up to 7 days before the event. Within 4-7 days of the event, this ticket can be rescheduled or converted to store credit, but is nonrefundable. Within 72 hours of the event, this ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable. If Pedal Cruise cancels the event at any time, this ticket can be rescheduled, converted to store credit, or refunded. Similar to trip insurance, the Refundable Ticket/Upgrade amount (equaling about 10% of the cost of the Base Fare) is not refundable and is not returned.

GIFT CERTIFICATES/STORE CREDIT: This value is nonrefundable and follows the same policy as the Base Fare.

Do we have to sign a waiver?
Yes, please sign HERE to help speed up the sign up process so you can have more fun! You will need the Booking ID and date of your cruise to complete the waiver. The primary reservation holder will also have a link to the waiver that can be shared with their party.
Can riders be under 21 years of age?
Riders under the age of 21 are warmly welcomed on our cruises when accompanied by an adult or guardian. The minimum age requirement to participate on any of our cruises, whether public or private, is 5 years old. If there are passengers between the ages of 5 and 17 onboard, it is mandatory for them to be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian over the age of 25 for every 4 minors (ages 5-17) onboard.
To ensure the safety of children aged 5-12, and to comply with CT State Law, it is essential that they wear USCG approved life vests at all times while on the dock and the vessel for the entirety of the cruise. The child’s parent or guardian is responsible for providing a children’s USCG approved Type I, Type II, or Type III life vest that is appropriate for the child’s age, weight, and height. Please note that inflatable items, floaties, swimmies and similar accessories are not permitted as substitutes for the approved life vests.
Do we tip the Captain & First Mate?
Yes please! We encourage guests to tip the Captain & First Mate since they rely on it to pay their bills. Suggested tip for Private Cruises: $150+ and $10+ per person for Group Cruises.
How does the boat move?
The boat moves by pedal power which harnesses a water paddle at the rear of the boat, so get ready for fun exercise!! We also have a motor so you can relax as well.
Are there stops are on the cruise?
Most cruises bring guests out on scenic Milford Harbor and out to Charles Island and the Milford Gulf in the Long Island Sound, depending on weather and water conditions.  If conditions warrant, cruises may be restricted to staying in the Harbor. Our cruises do not go past or around Charles Island.
How many seats are there & how many pedals?
There are 12 pedaling seats and 10-12 bench seats. There is also some standing room and all guests are asked to share the time at different seating areas if another passenger has not had a chance to experience that area. It’s fun to move around!
Can we bring our dog?
Public Cruises must remain dog-free, however well behaved dogs are welcome on Private Cruises.  We suggest bringing a water bowl & food for these furry adventurers. Dogs must be under leashed control at the dock & on the vessel.
What features are on the boat?
  • USB/phone chargers
  • stereo system & PA
  • adjustable pedaling stations & benches
  • paddle wheel & motor
  • restroom
  • open air deck with canopy covering
  • coolers
What can we bring on the boat?

  • Government issued I.D. (required)
  • Life vests for any children aged 5-12 years old.

  • Drinks – beer, wine, hard seltzers, ciders, canned cocktails and the like are suggested. Please avoid bringing glass on board. Only guests 21 years of age or older may bring or consume alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget some water!
  • Ice – we do not provide ice
  • Snacks – keep in mind it can be breezy on the boat
  • Cups, utensils, plates, napkins, etc – we do not carry these onboard, so please bring what you need and consider bringing reusable items to help the environment and reduce trash.
  • Decorations – decorations that can be tied or weighted down (remember, it gets windy) and do not obscure the Captain’s view are welcomed, no balloons or stringed decorations will be allowed.
  • Depending on the time of year and weather, don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, rain poncho or jacket!
  • Please recognize that Pedal Cruise is not responsible for lost or stolen items, items left behind either on the boat, at stops or in between. We do our best to remind our customers to remember their items before they leave.
What should we not bring on the boat?
  • No firearms or other weapons
  • Smoking and vaping is not allowed onboard, per USCG regulations.
  • No balloons  or confetti- for the sake of our local wildlife and waterways, we need to ensure all decorations remain on the boat and out of the water or sky.
How long is the boat cruise?
Cruises last 90 minutes unless indicated otherwise.
Are there any special rates for boat riders?
Keep an eye out for special rates on our social media: Facebook or Instagram.
Is there storage on the boat?
While we  have small coolers for beverages but we do not have storage areas for large items. We suggest bringing only items that can fit in a small bag or the coolers.
Where do we park?
Free parking can be found at Fowler Park, 1 Shipyard Lane, Milford CT 06460, Please note any signage indicating spots that are reserved for Milford Residents only.  There are additional public parking lots located at 37 Helwig St., behind 15 Factory Ln and 38 S. Broad St., and around the Milford Train Station.  Be prepared to walk 10-15 minutes to get to our meeting place.What if we want to stay over in New Haven?

What if we want to stay over near Milford?
We have exclusive deals with hotels like the Omni New Haven Hotel, New Haven Hotel & Pizza Palace Airbnb to make your tour experience a Staycation in New Haven! Look for the deals when your book your tour & receive confirmation emails or texts.
Where do we meet the boat?
Our waiting area is located off Shipyard Lane at the far end of the boat ramp near the kayak storage racks. Please wait for our crew on land at this spot before your cruise.  They will greet you and check your online waivers before escorting you to the boat.

What if I am running late?
We strongly recommend planning to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your scheduled cruise. For Public Cruises, the boat will leave on time (without you) out of respect for the other passengers and to maintain our schedule.  For Private Cruises, we will wait to leave but it will shorten your time on the water since we need to stay on schedule.
Do you provide tours for corporate groups, parties or celebrations?
Yes we provide Private group cruises including team building, bachelorette parties and more for groups of up to 20 people. To find out more please contact us.